Shock absorbing rubber tiles of 40cm. х 40сm.



Plate size: 40 х 40 см, 50 х 50 см

Thickness: For size 40 х 40 см.: 20мм, 25мм, 30мм, 40мм

                  For size 50 х 50 см: 20мм, 25мм, 30мм, 40мм, 50мм

Color: green, red, black, colorful, yellow, different shades of blue, green and gray, ocher, purple, rosé, beige, pearl


   Open and closed multipurpose sports playgrounds, gymnastic mats, power and athletics trails, hippodroms, stables, swimming pools, wet floors and rooms, playgrounds, cycling, sports and hiking trails, machines and generators, gymnasiums and salons.

 Installation method:

   The rubber impact absorbing flooring is installed by gluing with a special two-component adhesive on a pre-prepared hard smooth and even base (concrete, asphalt) by gluing, making it impossible to move or steal them. They protect children from injury falling during play. Their colorful variety and reliability make them very popular. The product is widely used in sports and training centers, kindergartens, children's playgrounds, etc. They are characterized by resistance to high temperatures, rain, sun.