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The company is registered in the Central Register of Professional Builders and it is a member of Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria and is allowed to implement the construction of public infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and environmental protection . In 2011, the company has successfully developed an integrated management system ISO 9001:2008, environment management system ISO 14001:2004 and system for health and safety OHSAS 18001:2007.




"Multi Park" Ltd has in its catalog over 150 models of children's and sports facilities for children aged 2 to 18 years / slides, swings, springers, climbing frames, Merry go rounds, playground equipment, gazebos, benches, pergolas, fitness equipment for children, fitness equipment for adults, park furniture, decorative lighting, waste containers, self-pouring flooring, rubber flooring, flooring impacted, EPDM and acrylic flooring for tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball courts - for indoor and outdoor use, specialized equipment for disadvantaged children, fitness equipment for disadvantaged adults and children /, which fulfill all the EU requirements for quality and standard. It is certified to BDS EN 1176 and BDS EN 1177, consistent with the requirements of Ordinance 1 of 12.01.2009 on the terms and conditions for the structure and safety of the playgrounds.




"Multi Park" LTD has a new and contemporary construction equipment, machines and vehicles, from leading brands, which have proven their reliability, efficiency and performance. "Multi Park" LTD. has the necessary engineering - technical staff and the required number of skilled workers. Experience, abilities and knowledge  have key role in our company.




The company policy of "Multi Park" Ltd. is focused on the introduction of new technologies in the construction of playgrounds, the use of modern equipment, qualification of employees and safety of the construction process. Our main goal is to contribute the creation of a positive public attitude to the sport and children's games.



The desire to play appears naturally to all children. The process itself enhances their self-esteem, opens their worldview to new opportunities, develops social and verbal skills, and takes decisions in certain problematic situations. Since its creation in the early 20th century, children's playgrounds have changed dramatically. Isolated metal pieces have become thematic facilities in which creative work is infinite, but the standards of endurance and safety are much higher. However, it is important to remember that the process and quality of a game can not be bought, they are part of the child's imagination. Therefore, the purpose of designing playgrounds is to create an environment that will attract children and enrich their activities.

The main issue in designing playgrounds is to provide challenging and entertaining activities while ensuring the safety of children. The children's facilities are built according to a number of rules, both in the project and in the implementation, must comply with the following normative requirements: "Ordinance 1 of 12.01.2009. on the conditions and order of play and safety of playgrounds "," BDS EN 1176: 2008 - Playground equipment and floor coverings "," BDS EN 1177: 2008 - Shock-absorbing flooring for playgrounds - Testing methods ".

The process of designing playgrounds as well as designing public spaces should begin with a comprehensive survey. For example, important information about the preliminary project is how children will come to the playground (on foot, by bicycle, by bus), whether they will be watched while playing at the playground, what the expected age range will be, and how many children are usually expected to be terrain. By knowing how and by what means, the necessary decisions can be made.


We believe in the development and implementation of modern and sustainable playgrounds. Over the years, we have built our reputation for building and selling a durable product with a friendly, helpful and practical service. Multi Park Ltd has been building children's playgrounds for more than ten years, our team has extensive experience of similar sites, qualifications and experience in construction, landscape architecture, manufacturing and other services for the professional realization of infrastructure projects. We offer our services throughout Bulgaria by ensuring that the playground will be completed on time and according to your budget.
When installing, we follow the requirements of Regulation 1 as well as the organization of the processes according to the ISO9001 certificate. We at Multi Park Ltd. are aware of the environmental impact and are accredited with an ISO14001 certificate, we are committed to protecting the environment by reducing waste, recycling and re-using materials wherever possible. "There is no one better than us in assembly or more familiar with our products, from our own mounting teams"


Maintaining and protecting your playground is vital to ensure the safety of the users, the efficiency and durability of the equipment and the pavement.
The repairs can make the facilities look like new ones, guaranteeing the use of installed equipment and floorings for longer years. Savings made when replacing old or damaged equipment with brand new can be quite significant and is an option that really deserves to be considered.


Regular inspection will help you understand the use and risks of your playground. In use, there may be a significant difference within each game area - they can be used in different ways at different times. The correct and frequent inspection of the playground will allow you to monitor the use and deal with any problems that may pose a risk to users.
We at Multi Park Ltd can assist you with any inspection that we focus on the functionality of the equipment, the current condition of the pavement and the installed facilities, a comprehensive analysis and a complete report on the condition of the playground and / or the area game.