The essence of vertical planning is to identify all the slopes, stairs, retaining walls, playgrounds, paths and approaches. It is given elevations of all key points of the project site and plan how to overcome displacement.


The purpose of landscaping is surface drainage of rainwater - snow, rain and others. Proper drainage is solved with the design of streets, intersections, parking lots, neighborhood interior spaces. An important part of landscaping is to solve the erosion problem and because free from construction site must be designed so that the design of slopes should not be washed away soil. Landscaping and balance makes the land masses and keeps the local soil.


Once you decide landscaping landscape architect assumes making pavements, details of pavements, details of the steps, so that an object to be harmonious with the chosen solution for building itself - as material and performance. The purpose of the park development is also to take into account the technical solution and to contribute to the aesthetic value of the site.