Inspection of a playground and a play and recreation area.
    Regular inspection will help you understand the use and risks of your playground. When using, there may be a significant difference within each game area - they can be used in different ways at different times. The correct and frequent inspection of the playground will allow you to monitor the use and deal with any problems that may pose a risk to users.
We at Multi Park Ltd can assist you with any inspection that we focus on the functionality of the equipment, the current condition of the pavement and the installed equipment, a comprehensive analysis and a complete report on the condition of the playground and / or the area Game.
Maintenance and repair.
   Maintaining and protecting your playground is vital to ensure the safety of users, the efficiency and durability of equipment and pavements.
The repairs can make the facilities look like new ones, guaranteeing the use of installed equipment and floorings for longer years. Savings made when replacing old or damaged equipment with brand new can be quite significant and is an option that really deserves to be considered.