The main focus in building playgrounds is the high playing value, which means optimal combination of safety and challenges for children's ability to overcome difficulties and encourage them to improve and develop their skills.


The desire to play appears naturally in all children. The process increases their confidence, their worldview open to new opportunities, develops social and verbal skills and helps them to make decisions in certain problematic

Playgrounds can be divided into several groups. There are playgrounds for very young children who are not yet coordinated and have not developed its agility, strength and concentration. This group of playgrounds are fully implemented by rubber shock-absorbing surface that protects kids from falling. The children’s facilities are simple, with rounded shapes and with easy access. The slides are with a slight slope and their stairs are wide. We must not forget the necessity of presence of adults on the playground to assist children in their games. Swings are single, with deep enough seating area and must have a back that prevents the child falling back. It is permissible to install so-called "sprigers".


Playgrounds for older children are built with play equipment, which develops their physical and mental qualities - strength, agility, endurance, coordination, balance, balance and much more. It is suitable to have an element of calculated risk that is attractive to children and helps them to master their fears and to protect themselves.